08 Nov 2016

On November 8, 2016, in relation to the celebration of the 140th anniversary of Stepan Erzia, and together with the authorities of the hero city Novorossiysk..

04 Feb 2016

On February 3, 2015, the Erzia Art Foundation together with the Moscow Department of Culture inaugurated a memorial plate in Moscow at No. 3..


About the Memorial Collection of Quebracho Trunks

The Erzia Foundation has been lucky enough to become the owner of a unique memorial collection of quebracho tree trunks and burls, which in 1950 were brought by S. Erzia from South America to Moscow. Currently, the trunks are being restored and cleaned, and the restored samples are successfully showed at the exhibitions held by the Foundation.

Amazing quebracho and algarrobo trees are a real treasure of Argentina. Argentinians are extremely careful about their nature, cherish and honor its gifts. They are rightfully proud of these valuable tree species that give incomparable charm to their country image. The first among them is the quebracho tree - a symbol of steadiness and firmness, the national emblem of Argentina.

Stepan Erzia was the first sculptor, who managed to raise wood of subtropical trees, such as quebracho, algarrobo and urunday with their amazingly hard structure, to the rank of classic material, like marble or bronze, creating real masterpieces of sculpture. His art opened to Argentinian artists the beauty and uniqueness of quebracho and algarrobo.

Erzia’s works in wood made quite strong impression on his contemporaries, Argentinian masters, and many of them became the followers of the Russian sculptor. His works acquired during his lifetime at his workshop or exhibitions are now kept in the best Argentine museums, and to this day are still being studied,  copied, and inspire young sculptors.