08 Nov 2016

On November 8, 2016, in relation to the celebration of the 140th anniversary of Stepan Erzia, and together with the authorities of the hero city Novorossiysk..

04 Feb 2016

On February 3, 2015, the Erzia Art Foundation together with the Moscow Department of Culture inaugurated a memorial plate in Moscow at No. 3..

About our Projects

Project Catalogue
S.D. Erzia International Art Foundation


Participation in Joint Projects

11-30 March 2008. International Finno-Ugrian Exhibition Project "North to North-East: the Continental Unconscious. Contemporary Art and the Finno-Ugrian World”, curated by Anders Kroeger (Sweden) (KUMU Museum, Tallinn)

5-29 March 2008. “Speaking Wood” Exhibition in the Russian State Library (Moscow)

May, November 2008-2011. Municipal contest exhibitions of woodcarvers (as part of the jury) (Folk Art House, Moscow)

July 2009. III International Moscow Arts Festival “Traditions and Innovations” (special diploma of the Festival) (Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow)

4-21 September 2009. Personal exhibition of A. Aleshkin, the member of the Mordovian Union of Artists, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Mordovia, "On the Invisible Trail", under the project dedicated to Mordovia (Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow)

2009-2011. Exhibition of the works by graphic Radoj Markovic (Serbia) from the Foundation collection (Calypso Art Gallery, Moscow)

14-30 July 2011. Exhibition of Italian artists, Isabel Karafi (painting) and Martin Romeo (video art) (Belyaevo gallery, Moscow)

14-25 May 2011. “Beloved Russia and Mordva”, an exhibition dedicated to 1000th anniversary of unification of the Mordovian and Russian people (Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts, Moscow)

May 2015. Elena Pelevina Exhibition Project (Palazzo Ducale, Genoa)

2-6 September 2015. XXVIII International Moscow Book Fair (special action – “A Word about Erzia”) (All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow)

13 October - 30 November 2016. Exhibition of children’s art “Jungle Tales” with the jubilee exhibition program (Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts, Saransk)


International Projects in South America and Russia (2009-2013)
(including «Reposo» (2010-2011), «History of Horacio Quiroga’s Portrait» (2013)

December 2009, 2010, 2011. Commemoration meetings dedicated to Russian sculptor S. Erzia held in the House of Russia, Societies of Compatriots named after M.Gorky and N. Ostrovsky in Buenos Aires (in cooperation with the Russian Embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo)

December 2009. Erzia's photo portrait is placed in the oldest artistic cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires (Sala para Fumadores)

2009/2011. Restoration and copying of S.D. Erzia’s works in Buenos Aires and Tandil museums (Eduardo Sivori Museum, MUMBAT Museum, MOA, private collections)

2010-2011. Presentation of the book about Erzia (in Spanish) in the South American countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay)

6 - 26 February 2012. Publishing exhibition called “Sculptor Stepan Erzia and the Whole World” in the Russian State Library. A special program was held at the exhibition

10 September. Presentation of the book "Chrisanto Dominguez: the One Who Dreamed of Paris" by the Argentine writer, Jorge Castillo, arranged and held by Professor Patricia Cowper Coles (Cultural Foundation “El Fogon de los Arrieros”, Chaco) at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, in Moscow (with the participation of the Argentine Embassy in the Russian Federation)

12 September. A public lecture on South American literature and writers given in Spanish by Leonardo Garet, an Uruguayan professor, at the Center of Spanish Culture and Language, АDELANTE, in Saint Petersburg (Nevsky Avenue, 17)

17 September. A public lecture on South American literature and writers given in Spanish by Leonardo Garet, an Uruguayan professor, at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, in Moscow (with the participation of the Uruguayan Ambassador in the Russian Federation)

19 September. Recording of the interview with the Uruguayan professor, Leonardo Garet, on the RIA-Novosti TV channel at the Spanish-speaking editorial office of Rusia Hoy

22 September. A public lecture on South American literature and writers given in Spanish by Leonardo Garet, an Uruguayan professor, at the Ibero-American Center of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)


March. Project “History of Horacio Quiroga’s Portrait” in Uruguay. The portrait restoration in Quiroga Museum in Salto and press conference after the restoration was completed

April. The South American project continued in Argentina (Chaco, Resistencia). Restoration of the "Woman's Portrait" (by S. Erzya), presentation of the project "History of the Horacio Quiroga’s Portrait" and the conference in memory of the sculptor, S. Erzia, and his associates in Chaco (together with the Cultural Foundation, El Fogon de los Arrieros)

30 October - 4 November. Cultural and educational project dedicated to the 135th anniversary of Horacio Quiroga, an Argentine-Uruguayan poet, within the International Moscow Fair (All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow)



Russian and Italian Project
«Russian Sculptor Erzia and Italy»
Dedicated to the 135th Anniversary of S.D. Erzia

2010 - March 2011. Restoration of the John the Baptist statue created by S. Erzia in 1914 for Cristo Re church in Fezzano. An identical copy of the statue made by the Italian professionals. Scientific conference in the Capellinni Academy (La Spezia)

Ceremonial granting of the Baptist statue copy by the Erzia Foundation to the Diocese of La Spezia-Sarzana-Brugnato, and presentation of the copy at the exhibition dedicated to the images of John the Baptist in the Museum of Catholic Arts, La Spezia (Italy)

24-30 June. Exhibition project, “The Path of the Baptist” in the Museum of Diocesan Art at San Lorenzo Cathedral in Genoa. Events within the municipal cultural program dedicated to the heavenly patron of Genoa, John the Baptist (press conference, night show “Salome’s Dance”, meetings and excursions at the exhibition)

September. Exhibition of the Erzia Foundation collection (gallery Spazio Aperto, Santa Margherita Ligure)

8 November. Opening of the memorial plate on the building of the former Garibaldi Boarding House (via Santa Maria) in Carrara, where S. Erzia lived in 1914

8 November - 15 December. Exhibition under the project called “Russian Sculptor Stepan Erzia and Italy. Return to Carrara” at the Baptistery of San Andre Cathedral (Carrara)

24 November 2011 – 20 January 2012. Exhibition under the project called “The Path of the Baptist” at the Church and Archeologic Museum of the Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy, Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. A special program for different social and age groups

19 January 2012. Final event devoted to the image of the Prophet and Forerunner, John the Baptist, under the exhibition (together with the Russian Orthodox Theological Academy)

5 - 15 June 2013. Exhibition of the Erzia Foundation collection dedicated to the Russia Day and arranged by the Russian Federation Consulate General in Genoa (Lo Zorbino villa)


International Project “Sculptor Erzia. Beginning of the Eternity” dedicated to the 140th Anniversary of S.D. Erzia (2015-2016)

The start to the jubilee project was given in February 2015 at "Culture" TV Channel, where the program "Culture News" featured the stories about Erzia (aired 03.02. at 18.02.), including the meetings in the Igor Volgin’s program called "Context" with the Erzia Foundation employees in Russia and Italy.


3 February. Ceremonial opening of the memorial plate in Moscow at No. 3, 2nd Peschanaya Street (Sokol District Council), where the sculptor lived from 1953 to 1959, and where his last studio was

31 October 2014 - December 2015. Dialogue-exhibition called “Russian Spirit and Italian Soul: Stepan Erzia and Lorenzo Mengusatto” (gallery Forme d`Аrte Loppio, Mori Trento, Italy) – a joint project with the Russian House in Trentino within the cultural program "Alpine Encounters” of the Russian and Italian festival, “Russia-Italy: Cultural Dialogues”
April. Publication of the first book in Italian about Erzia by Yu. Paporov: “Sculptor Erzia: Honors and Tragedy” (Publishing House - Societa Editrice Apuana, Carrara)

9 May. The first presentation of the book in Italian about Erzia in Italy (Palazzo Binelli, Carrara)

25 March - 15 May. Exhibition of the Erzia Foundation collection dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory and UNESCO at the cultural center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (together with the Association for International Cultural Cooperation “Nature and Art”)

8 October – November. Exhibition under the project called “Sculptor Erzia. Beginning of the Eternity” at the «Golden Hall» gallery (Podolsk)

19 November. Exhibition project “Italian Evening” (The amazing story of the Baptist statue from the church in Fezzano) at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (with the participation of the Italian Cultural Institute at the Italian Embassy in Moscow, and the Russian Consul General in Genoa)


2 December 2015 - 7 February 2016. Exhibition “Sculptor Erzia and Quebracho Tree. Magic of the Form” (the Cervantes Institute, Moscow)

3 March. Thematic evening and mini exhibition "Oh, Woman, the Beauty of the Earth..." ("Women and Women's Images in the Life and Art of S.D. Erzia") (A.P. Bogolyubov Arts Library, Moscow) 

13 May - 18 September. Dialogue exhibition “Sergey Konenkov and Stepan Erzia: Great Associates, Great Rivals” (“S.T. Konenkov’s Creative Laboratory in Moscow” Studio Museum)

24 June - 28 July. Exhibition «Stepan Erzia: la Storia di uno Scultore Intinerante» under the cultural program called “Parkour: l`arte in Movemento” of the traditional festival «Carrara Marble Weeks-2016». Presentation of the book about S. Erzia in Italian (Carrara, Piazza Alberica, 12)

16 July - 23 August. Exhibition “Beloved Russia and Mordovia!” (Little-known page of friendship between poet Sergei Yesenin and sculptor Stepan Erzia) (the State Museum Reserve of S.A. Yesenin in the village of Konstantinovo)
Concert program “Eh vai yoh!” of Mordens art folk group (within the “Musical Summer” Festival)

12 September - 26 September. Exhibition under the project “Mordovian Sculptor Stepan Erzia and the Whole World” in the exhibition hall of the Estonian Parliament, Riigikogu (Tallinn), presentation of the Foundation in the House of Poska. Recording of the interview for the “Silver Thread” program (Russian speaking radio station «Talliinn Maa-4»)

13 September. Reception of the Foundation employees at the Estonian Ministry of Culture (Tallinn)

7-31 October. «Stepan Erzia and Elena Mroz: Meeting in a Century”, a dialogue exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first arrival of S. Erzia to Gelendzhik in 1916 (the Gelendzhik Local History Museum)

13 October - 30 November. The copy of the Quiroga’s Portrait from the Erzia Foundation collection was included in the children’s exhibition “Jungle Tales” (Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts, Saransk)

5 November. The triumphant return of the “El Reposo” sculpture by S. Erzia, after the restoration, to avenida Boedo in Buenos Aires (Argentina) (in cooperation with the Russian House in Buenos Aires, and the State Russian Museum)

8 November. Ceremonial opening of the memorial plate on the facade of the former trade-school building (now – the Novorossiysk Cossack Cadet Corps), where in 1921-1922 sculptor Erzia and his apprentice, E.I. Mroz lived (Novorossiysk) 
10 November - 15 December. “Sculptor Erzia and Novorossiysk: Return of the Master” exhibition held in the Novorossiysk Historical Open-Air Museum



I International Children Creativity Contest “The Worlds of Master Erzia”
(within the jubilee program to the 145th anniversary of S. Erzia)

22 October. Exhibition and awarding the winners and participants of the Children Contest from Podolsk at the "Leaflet" Gallery (Moscow)

11 - 26 November. Exhibition and awarding the winners and participants at the Erzia Children Arts School (Novorossiysk)
Awarding the winners and participants of the Children Contest in Saransk, Genoa, Tallinn

2 February - 20 March 2017. The final exhibition of the Children Contest at the B.M. Nemensky Center for Continuous Art Education (Moscow)
Autumn 2018. Exhibition of the International Children Contest “The Worlds of Master Erzia” at the Design Museum (Yekaterinburg)



Exhibition Project
Dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the Erzia International Art Foundation (2007-2017)

25 January - 13 February 2017. Mono exhibition under “The Path of the Baptist” project at the crypt gallery «Art`Aria» (Moscow) within the cultural program of the international research and practical conference, “Christmas Readings-2017” (together with the Russian Orthodox Church, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts)
August. Participation in the round table arranged in the framework of the sculptors’ plein air in the Hermann Brachert House Museum (Svetlogorsk)

September. Publication exhibition “Sculptor Erzia and South America” from the international program “Unknown Erzia: Searches, Findings, Projects” at the Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad (Moscow)
October – December. Exhibition under the international project “Sculptor Erzia and the Whole World” in Helsinki (Finland)


Long-Term Projects

2018-2021. Thematic evening and exhibition dedicated to the acquaintance and interaction in Moscow and Baku of the poet S. Yesenin, sculptors S. Konenkov and S. Erzia (together with the “S.T. Konenkov’s Creative Laboratory in Moscow” Studio Museum and "Radunitsa", a folk song ensemble of the Konstantinovo village)

Exhibition in the Stroganov Academy
Dialogue exhibitions with contemporary artists at Moscow galleries
(Nagornaya Gallery, “At Kashirka”)

2018. “Give me a mountain!..” (“Sculptor Erzia and the Urals: Triumph and Tragedy”) to the 100th anniversary of the arrival of S. Erzia to Yekaterinburg (Design and Architecture Museum, Yekaterinburg)
Dialogue exhibition under the international project at the National Museum of Estonia (Tartu)

2018-2021. Caucasian Project (stages 2-3). Adzharia (Batumi). Azerbaijan (Baku)

2012-2020. «Sculptor Erzia and Tatar Land” (Restoration of the Saint Sofia Church frescos in Laishevo) Kazan - Laishevo

2021. “Russian Rodin in France”. The final project of the international program, “Sculptor Erzia and the Whole World”, Paris – Bordeaux - Nice

2019-2021/26. Exhibition “Unknown Erzia: Searches, Findings, Projects” in Ulyanovsk (together with the Ulyanovsk Regional Mordovian National and Cultural Autonomy)
Exhibition in Mordovia. To S.D. Erzia’s Anniversary

2017-2021. Establishment of «ERZIA-Center» (an informational and cultural center with the exhibition hall) in Moscow
Establishment of the ongoing Foundation exhibition hall in Europe


The Argentinian project (2008-2010)
Buenos Aires ("Rest"- "Reposo")



The Italian project (2008-2011)

La Specia-Fezzano-Genova (“St.John the Baptist”)


The Uruguayan project (2012-2013)

Salto (“ The Portrait of Horacio Quiroga”)


In the Northern part of Uruguay, precisely in the city of Salto is situated the Museum Uruguayan-Argentinian poet Horacio Quiroga, who was a contemporary of Stepan Erzia.